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Baby Paul

In July 2006 a two week old baby was brought to Matthew Rusike Children’s Home when his young unwed mother was not able to care for him. Two weeks later Cindy met this little boy while visiting Matthew Rusike Children’s Home for the first time. So tiny and vulnerable, Cindy fell in love with Baby Paul. Mercy had taken him into her care along with the 9 other children she cared for in one of the houses at MRCH. Mercy often cooks meals for outside visitors as well as her own housefull of children, so while she was busy preparing sadze and greens, the staple of Zimbabwean meals, Cindy would take care of Paul. To hold Paul one needed to have a towel underneath him as he had no diapers at the time. We understand that Paul’s birth mother was HIV positive, however, during labor she had access to the drug which has a high success rate of preventing the child from contracting the HIV/AIDS virus. We are hopeful that Paul did not contract the virus

Through Matthew Rusike’s program, Paul has been nurtured and cared for with love. He now attends the crèche or pre-school at Matthew Rusike. Cindy still has a very soft spot in her heart for this little boy whom will always be to her, “Baby Paul.”