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Nancy Nasambu

In 1966 I was born into a family of 4 children in Mombasa. I was raised by my mother and unfortunately due to hardship, missed the opportunity to attend school. I was forced to get married at a young age by my father who later passed away early on in my life. In 2002, my husband died, leaving me alone, HIV positive and stigmatised.

I have found myself widowed and childless. My in-laws claimed all family assets leaving me with nothing. I was to the desperate point of eating soil for nourishment.

I was referred to AMPATH after suffering numerous health issues. In November 2006 on my way home, I found a newborn baby crying, abandoned in a bush and wrapped in a plastic bag! With the help of neighbors, I helped the baby fight for his life. I was later awarded full custody after search for the biological mother was ceased by officials. The joy in my life is my son Isaac.

I have been in Eldoret for over 5 years and Isaac is now 3 years old. I also look after my late brother's 3 children with the help of my mother.

I joined Imani Workshop in 2006. I am self-taught and have managed to secure work in the pottery department. I remain grateful to my teachers who have given me hope and light in place of doom and death. My desire is to support my children and be a homeowner. I have been encouraged to draw in the Imani Artist Collective and I see a future in art. My paintings reflect my cultural background and my life experiences.

“At first, when I start drawing I relate to nature. I like to draw what I have seen and experienced. With time I have gained confidence to paint, an idea will come quietly and it gives me peace of mind. I love drawing and want to improve and become the best artist ever!”