The Granny Connection encourages awareness of Africa’s grandmothers and their struggle in the fight against HIV/AIDS by building support through grandmothers in Columbus, Indiana. The Granny Connection directly supports the Power of Love Foundation whose response to HIV and AIDS is to strengthen affected communities in Matero, Zambia, by empowering women and grandmothers to become self-reliant. These women are provided with micro-loans and business training as well as food, medicines, and health care services for their HIV positive grandchildren.

Thousands of treated malaria bed nets are provided to families and a prenatal program is in place to prevent vertical transmission of HIV. Supervised play is also a critical part of the program to address grief, abuse, and other forms of childhood problems. Families rekindle and make tangible progress demonstrating resilience, strength, and courage.

In 2008, a group of women in Columbus, Indiana, began its organizing and advocacy work on behalf of these deserving grandmothers. This group, The Granny Connection, focuses on raising funds to help ease the plight of African grandmothers and their orphaned grandchildren. In some countries in sub-Saharan Africa, 40 - 60% of AIDS orphans are living in extreme poverty in grandmother-headed households. The challenges they face are overwhelming. The Granny Connection works to offer hope and opportunity for these women and children. Money raised has enabled children to receive supervised medical care and benefitted hundreds of other children and grandmothers by providing social, medical, and/or emotional support.

Grannies assist the Power Of Love Foundation

The Granny Connection helps to raise funds for the Power of Love Foundation to assist families affected by AIDS in Lusaka, Zambia. Find more info on the Power Of Love Foundation at the following link:

Granny Connection would like you to meet Colin (not his real name), one of the children in the Power of Love pediatric HIV care program . Colins' health has improved significantly in the last year and he is attending school as a result of your generosity and caring.

Colin is 11 years old and cared for by his grandma. Last year, he got sick, got tested and found positive for HIV. To keep Colin from developing full-blown AIDS, it is critical that he doesn't catch any opportunistic infections which will compromise his health. As part of the pediatric HIV care program, POL's Project Nurse is counseling and educating his grandmother on how best to prevent infections and take care of him. In addition, he is visited weekly by a child health care worker for a check-up and psycho-social counseling. We are happy to hear that Colin is an active and playful fourth grader and loves school! To help care for more children like Colin, Power of Love is partnering with Global Giving. Please donate generously to help HIV+ children like Colin continue to play, attend school, and live healthy lives. And as always, 100% of your donations go towards POL programs and no part is used for overheads.

Have a fun filled winter,
Your friends at the Power of Love Foundation

Contact: Ann Jones